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Every time I’m given the honor to photograph a wedding day, this is my goal:

To tell the story.

The story of when you committed yourselves to one another and began a new chapter in the big book of life.

The story that will inevitably include moments of natural beautyauthentic connection, unpredictability, and a hundred little vignettes of life, love, and celebration as it plays out.

I also believe that my job is to not only help you remember that story, but to preserve your story for your future generations to come.

Which means I show up on your wedding day ready to tell your story in an honest way. Freezing moments that can’t be staged or recreated.  Preserving emotion in its purest form. In short, providing you with imagery that you can feel.

Yes, your wedding day will be beautiful, but you deserve it to be remembered as more than just a pretty picture.

And to show you just how beautiful real weddings can be, below are snippets of the stories I was honored to help preserve in 2017.   Every couple was unique, and every story was unique, and I’m forever grateful to have been a part of their days.



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